Clamp On Beer Pumps

  • Aston Beer Pumps Aston Beer Pumps
    The Aston Beer Engine is the traditional way of dispensing real ale - a technology that has been in use for well over 200 years. These beer engines will allow you to serve traditional ale from a cask, and are available in both 1/4 and 1/2 pint cylinders (that is to say, this is how much beer dispenses when you pull the handle). The aluminium frame makes this unit extremely durable - Aston beer engines are the newer version of the Pullman, which have been known to work for years and years.
  • Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Pump Shakespeare Cylinderless Beer Pump
    The Shakespeare hand pull is a patented design that looks, reacts, and feels just like a traditional hand pull beer engine, but you can connect a standard Sanke keg instead of needing to use a cask. The goal with this item is to have the look and feel of a hand pull, without having to worry about the maintenance of a cylinder-based beer engine like the Pullman. Easy to install and maintain, but without the fuss of needing a cask setup, since you can use Sanke kegs.
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